12-year old girl, adopted at age 4.

She has  settled in quickly, did not take long to learn to speak Danish and does well in school. Her family says that she does well, but it does not take much for her to "snap". When there was a death in the family, her reaction was very bad and out of proportion. The girl has never cared for physical contact, which is why it was very difficult to comfort her. 
A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket®
Observed effect: The girl got to try out the Protac Ball Blanket® for a period and and was tucked in with it every night. For some time, she was not all that interested in it, and it was returned. The family got a blanket themselves later on because whenever "something happened" that triggered feelings of insecurity with family/at school or in similar situations, the girl would ask for the blanket.

10-year old adopted boy

Victim of serious child neglect in his first four years of life. He has specific learning disabilities. The boy has physical unrest and has major difficulties processing senses. His adoptive parents say  that they have a hard time getting him to fall asleep at night, that he has very restless sleep and that he often wakes up and gets out of bed in the middle of the night. 
A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket®
Observed effect:  After three days of acclimatisation, the boy started sleeping all through the night. After another 14 days, it became much easier for him to fall asleep.

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