Woman in her late twenties with anorexia.

She has been admitted to a psychiatric ward over an extended period of time.  The woman has an eating disorder  and is tormented by many psychotic episodes and suicidal impulses. 

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket®

Observed effect:  During the woman's hospitalisation, the blanket greatly helped her feel secure and calm, especially when she experienced anxiety and psychosis. After  she changed to outpatient, she received a blanket through a grant from the municipality. She uses the blanket at home to feel secure and calm, but also to notice how much space her body takes up. She gets a feel for the physical limits of the body and becomes more aware of the fact that her body is not large and amorphous.
The blanket has been good at keeping her from engaging in compulsive exercise. Before she got the blanket, she would go for very brisk walks for several hours when she felt bad. Now she is able to get the same level of inner peace by laying under the blanket. 

For more information on how the ball blanket is used for eating disorders, check out: Eating disorders and the ball blanket—Norwegian project report

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