People with dementia can have a hard time feeling the limits of their bodies. This often results in mental and physical unrest. Their ability to orient themselves in time and space deteriorates, messing up their internal clock.

The Protac Ball Blanket® helps users to be able to better feel for their own bodies and regain a sense of security, calmness and awareness of the limits of their body. 

Elderly woman with dementia in a care home.

She has trouble falling asleep due to mental unrest. She gets up many times throughout the night, going out and waking up the other residents.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket®

Observed effect: The ball blanket helps the woman calm down and stay in her bed.

Woman with alcohol-related dementia  in a care home.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket®

Observed effect:
 The ball blanket has changed the woman's everyday life. She has several distinct nights where she gets a full night of sleep. She has a "relationship" with her bed now, while before she thought that her sleeping space was still in her double bed at home. She is calmer now in terms of her aggression toward her husband and the staff. She goes to be more willingly at a normal bedtime. She is happier during the day and smiles more often. She seems to have more energy. She doesn't walk around as much as before at the care home.

Elderly man with dementia and mounting anxiety and aggressive behaviour as a result.

Opposes situations involving moving, care and bathing. The staff feels like it is a violation when moving and bathing him.

A sense-stimulating aid:
Protac Ball Blanket®

Observed effect: The man enjoyed using the ball blanket from the first night. He protests when the night nurse tries to change to his regular blanket at the end of the night and is allowed to sleep with the blanket throughout the night. After two to three weeks, the staff says that he is like a completely different person. Moving and bathing him no longer cause him to behave aggressively. He starts singing, looking at newspapers and after two months he gets up from his wheelchair several times and walks, which he has not done in a very long time.

Man with dementia and externalising behaviour at a care home.

The man exhibits especially externalising behaviour in the morning. There are two helpers that bathe him and one to hold his hands. He takes a sedative before his morning care. At night, he often gets up out of bed and has a hard time calming down again. He is also very restless during the day and has a hard time staying calm in the present moment.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket® - with mixed ball filling (6 kg)

Observed effect: The blanket is introduced at an easy pace. The first two days in while in the wheelchair and it is placed over his legs. The man takes off the blanket with he thinks that he has had enough. Next the blanket is used for an afternoon nap, first over the legs, and when the man seems to be ok with it, the blanket is spread out over him. It is going very well and the man begins to use it at night as well. He sleeps more peacefully and only wakes up a couple times instead of 5-10 times. Now he is  completely calm in the morning during his morning care. There are now only two morning care nurses and  the man no longer needs to take a sedative before he gets up.


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