Anxiety - psychotic episodes/mental imbalance
"I've been mentally ill for around nine years, and about nine months ago I got a ball blanket. My daily life is full of ups and downs, anxiety, psychotic episodes and mental imbalance. After I started sleeping with the ball blanket, I feel a greater sense of security. The blanket holds me in so I can feel the limits of my body. The blanket makes me feel warm inside. My mood swings are almost gone and I don't feel as psychotic anymore. I sleep with the blanket all night, except for in the summer months. I've also found that it's nice to have an afternoon nap with the ball blanket when I'm feeling bad. One tip is that if I need to feel more secure, but I don't want to feel hot, I can cover up with the ball blanket at first and then switch to a thinner blanket later".

A comment from a psychiatric ward
We use the ball blanket almost every day in our ward. The patients find that they can better "notice" themselves and the limits of their bodies, that they're less anxious, less aggressive and thus feel more secure. Using the ball blanket also means that we can use sedatives less often and we can reduce/limit our use of physical restraints. We find that the Ball Blanket prevents and curbs aggressive and destructive behaviour. Many patients ask for the ball blanket on their own when they need it, and in a way it gives them the help they need to help themselves".

One user says
"I am mentally handicapped. I use the ball blanket every night and sometimes during the day. I use it to collect my thoughts and senses, among other things. It doesn't always go hand-in-hand. When I'm hospitalised, sometimes I end up in the belt, but just as soon as I'm covered up with my blanket, I fall asleep and I'm released again. I also use it when I feel aggressive or if I feel like externalising. In those situations, there's someone there to tell me I should use it and it works every time. I didn't need to get used to it. And now I have the cushion too, so I can sit still. I definitely recommend it. You could say that using it is like tucking yourself in, like a parent does for their child. However, it doesn't mean that you'll stay in this stage. You can collect your thoughts and you can quietly and calmly get in touch with yourself. And carry on with your life".

"Before I started using the ball blanket, I was nervous and stressed and
would easily slip into depressions.
I heard about the ball blankets and thought that I'd give it a chance.
At first I didn't feel any big difference, but after two weeks it started
to feel different.
I slept much more soundly and could relax in bed. The blanket is heavy, which means that I felt a greater sense of security when laying under it.
I also notice a difference during the day: I was much more lively, could cope better, felt happier, but above all: my depression disappeared.
So for me, the ball blanket has worked fantastically".

The ball blanket is used for soothing children, young people and adults who suffer from anxiety and psychotic episodes. The ball blanket is currently used in psychiatric hospitals all over Denmark and the ball blanket is also being used by an increasing number of mentally ill people at home.

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