9-year old girl with severe brain injury

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyBase

Observed effect: The girl is clearly happy when the staff asks whether she would like to lay down on the mattress. She normally sits in a wheelchair. When she lays on the mattress, she can make it move herself with small movements and she makes several happy sounds, babbles and smiles. She rests well and enjoys laying without the brace.

9-year old girl with severe mental retardation

She is often very restless, grabs hold of things and bites on everything. The girl is also very limit seeking with her body—she hits her head, arms and legs against everything.

A sense-stimulating aid:
Protac MyBase

Observed effect: After she has used the mattress every day for the last two weeks, the staff have found that she is calmer and open and enjoys taking notice of herself. She bites less and he significantly less physical unrest during the day.

Child in occupational therapy

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyBase

Observed effect: A privately practising child occupational therapists says: "The kids love it. They work together fantastically with body positioning and balance. You can use it in many ways to train the understanding of the body that the child has".
10-year old boy: "Oh, it's like getting a massage— even though you're sitting completely still!"
8-year old boy: "It's the most fun and nicest mattress I've ever tried".
8-year old girl: "It's soft in a way, even though it's hard".

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