10-year old girl. She has a hard time sitting still and has poor concentration and body image.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac GroundMe

Observed effect:  The girl calms down by doing activities at the table, which is when she gets to put her feet on the foot cushion. Much of the restlessness in her body is channelled down to the cushion, which helps her and distracts those around her far less. She remembers on her own to take it with her when she gets up from the chair and goes to another one, which she never would have remembered otherwise with things that did not mean anything to her. 

Children in kindergarten.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac GroundMe

Observed effect: "We've had two boys in particular who have benefited from using the foot cushion. They can concentrate better and can actually do an entire perler bead project, which they never do. We also use the Protac GroundMe for group activities which we always do on the floor. When they use the GroundMe to sit on, they are able to be together with the rest of us, without running around, and they can participate more actively".

8-year old boy with autism. 

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac GroundMe 


Observed effectt: "I use it every day and I think that I work better when using the cushion. I feel relaxed and I remember to take it out on my own". This isn't something the boy would have done otherwise. He normally only adjusts to things that are where he is at the time.

9-year old girl with developmental disorder and ADHD.

A sense-stimulating aid
: Protac GroundMe 

Observed effect: The girl uses the GroundMe when doing homework and at meals, as she has a hard time sitting still and coping in these situations: "I can see that she is calmer and more attentive when she uses the foot cushion. She also sits normally for once in the chair, which she otherwise would have been extremely restless and at times have to skip the meal, as she could not stay in the chair. The foot cushion calms her down so that she can finish whatever it is she is doing".

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