45-year old woman afflicted with apoplexy and paralysis of the left die of her body

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect: "It is much easier to get my left foot to land on the ground and to avoid having my foot twist like it tends to do. It must be because it has a positive effect on my spasticity. I'm able to notice my body much more when sitting and working; it's like I'm being helped to sit straighter. It's good strength training for me to go around with the vest on and it feels comfortable once you get used to it".

23-year old woman with frontal lobe brain injury and cognitive disorder

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect:
A physical therapist says: "The patient can gather her thoughts better which improves her communication skills—we would absolutely like to try it for an extended period of time".

60-year old man with acquired brain injury.

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac MyFit

Observed effect:  A care assistant says: "He was very physically restless and often had a hard time staying calm. He has muscled twitching in his hands and feet. He is also very irritable, boisterous and sometimes externalising. After getting the vest, his behaviour has changed drastically. He puts on the vest in the morning because he is very boisterous at that time of day. 15 minutes will pass and he will be less irritable, have less twitching in his body and calms down by taking a seat. The patient hold on to the vest all day, as he often gets very restless when it is taken off. If you ask him about what he thinks of having the vest on, he says that it is nice to wear it.
It's encouraging for the others around to see how much comfort and calmness it gives our residents".

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