83-year old woman with mania and mental and physical unrest, admitted to a psychiatric ward.

It is difficult to alleviate her in the common room of the ward and she is often screened in inside her room in order to limit the amount of stimulation she gets.  

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac SenSit ball chair  

Observed effect: When she uses the chair, she is able to stay in the common room of the ward because her body and thoughts are calm. Right after being helped down onto the chair, she seems more calm and collected.  She can participate in the activities going on around her. She cannot get up from the chair on her own and needs a little help from a staff member. See SenSit Straight for ball chairs for the elderly>



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Protac design, develops and manufactures a variety of unique sensory integration products that serve the need of people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments.


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