Since 2001 we've had great success using ball blankets as part of our treatment for our children. The children are currently between 5 and 11 years old and have different diagnoses: ADHD, autism, anxiety, attachment disorders and extensive developmental disorders. Characteristic of these children is that they are physically restless and hyperactive.

We can clearly see the difference when a child starts sleeping with a ball blanket as opposed to a regular blanket. The child calms down more easily when put to bed and sleeps more peacefully, which also results in the child being more well-rested the next day.

In August 2008 we had a consultant from Protac come demonstrate their products for our staff. We were instructed on how to change the blanket cover on the ball blanket without hurting our backs; the ball blankets weight 7 kg and are quite heavy.
They presented the Protac Sensit chair for us, among other products. Since then, we've purchased two Protac SenSit chairs. We placed one of them in the kindergarten class where the four students take turns using the chair. The children will sit with headphones on and take a break. In addition to this, one of our children who is very physically restless got a Protac SenSit chair for their room. The child really enjoys sitting in their ”ball chair”.

Protac products are an investment for us, but they are well worth the money. It is a one-time cost, and luckily the products last for many years.
Our goal is for every child to have a Protac SenSit chair in their room.
-Head of residential treatment centre

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Protac design, develops and manufactures a variety of unique sensory integration products that serve the need of people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments.


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