38-year old, mentally challenged man 

He lives in an institution with other residents. He has his own room, which is where he prefers to be. He spends no more than  a half hour at a time in the common room and appears restless.  

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Sensit ball chair -  in the user's room and in the common room 

Observed effect: The man is happy with the chair and remains sitting in it for longer than he would have sat before on other furniture. The staff finds that he has less physical unrest. He is less restless and moves about with less intensity. He is able to sit in the common room for longer than he could before. 

The chair lets him withdraw and stimulate his sensory system without falling asleep.  This means that the basis for being active is more about him being more awake and ready for activity than if he had received stimulation to his sensory system while laying down.

Mentally challenged man

He lives in an institution 

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac SenSit ball chair 

Observed effect: One worker says: "He uses the Protac Ball Blanket® throughout the day to calm his body and his thoughts so that he does not exhibit externalising behaviour. The issue was that when he covers up with the blanket,  he falls asleep. This interrupts his internal clock and naturally affects his need for sleep at night. 

The chair calms his thoughts and body just the same while also letting him spend time with the others and watch TV or do other activities without falling asleep during the day".


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