Sleep and the ball blanket in general
Very many of our cases are based on sleeping problems. This is because the blanket has a calming effect on the body. Users get a better feel for themselves and the limits of their bodies when they cover up with the ball blanket. The weight and the feeling of the balls against the body make the user feel relaxed and secure—especially when the user is stressed and is not paying enough attention to their body. Without being conscious of it, all along the user's sensory system is informed of where the body is, which helps the user relax more. Overall you could say that the blanket makes you feel more secure so that you can relax more, which lets you fall asleep more easily and also gives you a better night's sleep. At the same time, we see that when you relax more, your body automatically releases the hormone oxytocin, which is the body's natural anti-stress hormone, and that further helps calm the body.

Case: Male department head at a private company. He has suffered from stress-related sleeping problems for years, which has caused him intense feelings of anxiety and lead him into a downswing mentally. 

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket®.

Observed effect: "I started using the Protac Ball Blanket® after having very serious sleeping problems for 10 months.  The blanket helped me  move on with my life. It didn't take away my sleeping problems in the blink of an eye, but it definitely helped give me a sense of security when I slept. I gradually got back into a good sleeping pattern again. Beyond the anxiety-reducing effect the blanket had, it also controls temperature very nicely. I have major problems with cold feet in general, while at the same time I often sweat a great deal. The blanket prevents this. I find that it help keep me at an optimal temperature, both in terms of keeping me cool when it's too hot out and vice versa. I can happily recommend the blanket for anyone who battles with anxiety and feelings of insecurity. And don't worry about its funny shape. It's extremely comfortable to sleep with. These days I just can't go without the blanket". 

Case: 9-year old boy with trouble falling asleep and poor quality sleep. He tosses around in his bed and takes a very long time to fall asleep.  He cannot relax or calm down. He sleeps very restlessly and throws the blanket off several times throughout the night. 

A sense-stimulating aid. Protac Ball Blanket®.

Observed effect: "He says himself  that the blanket is very good: It helps me so I can lay still and not have ants in my pants. With the Protac Ball Blanket®, however, he lays flat and talks for five minutes, then he relaxes and settles down He falls asleep within 15 minutes. He sleeps peacefully, without the cover falling off. He uses the blanket all night long. It's really wonderful for him and for us too". 

Brain injury
Martin is 12 years old and has a brain injury. He is in care, was born prematurely and has suffered several brain haemorrhages on his first day. Martin is also a grossly neglected, emotionally abused child. This means that Martin grows very rigid if someone hugs him and pulls away from any physical contact, among other things. Complains that it hurts to be touched, e.g. if someone puts their hand on his shoulder.
Martin sees an occupational therapists where he learns recognise his own body and what it can and cannot do. After being advised by our occupational therapist to get a ball blanket, we've now got one as a trial.

Before getting the blanket, Martin had a very hard time sleeping and settling down at night time. He called for us all the time, saying he was thirsty, he needed to go to the bathroom, he felt hot, he felt cold—there was always something that wasn't right.
After getting the blanket, Martin falls asleep in two or three minutes after saying "goodnight", and he has even been lucky enough to fall asleep sitting in front of the TV while watching cartoons. This would have been unthinkable before we had the blanket. Martin has really profited from getting this blanket, and we hope that we can receive it through a grant. Martin is very happy with the blanket and thinks that it is wonderful. He doesn't kick the blanket off anymore either. He's gotten calmer. We are very happy to have the blanket and Martin loves it. It's still too soon to say whether it is going to change his sense of touch.
- Martin's mother

ADHD and autism
Read more cases about ADHD and Autisme in relation to sleep, as this is a common problem for many of the people with these diagnoses.

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