Case : Woman with dentist phobia.
A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket
Observed effect: "Finally after five years, I've overcome my fear and gotten my teeth cleaned. I'm really happy about this. The blanket and music made me feel more comfortable and could relax a bit so that I could have my teeth cleaned. The weight and warmth of the blanket is very nice. It's a nice aid which I plan to use again. 

Case: 59-year old woman with dentist phobia. 

A sense-stimulating aid: Protac Ball Blanket

Observed effect: " I've been so scared to go to the dentist that as an adult, I've never gone to a regular dentist. Now I've gotten over my fear of the dentist and now that takes a burden off of me and my teeth. One of the aids that I was incredibly happy with was the Protac Ball Blanket. It gives me a sense of security. It causes no discomfort or inconvenience. It soothes me and I simply can't imagine being treated without it".

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Protac design, develops and manufactures a variety of unique sensory integration products that serve the need of people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments.


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