• Protac SenSit® Nature

    Protac SenSit® Nature
    Protac SenSit® Nature Protac SenSit® Nature Protac SenSit® Nature Protac SenSit® Nature Protac SenSit® Nature Protac SenSit® Nature Protac SenSit® Nature

    Sensory-stimulating outdoor chair for children and adults with motor and physical unrest.

    Nature can do something very special for our senses – it gives us both joy, energy and a sense of being calm. Staying outside, adds an extra dimension to our senses and it is well documented that outdoor rehabilitation strengthens physical, psychological and social skills.

    An outdoor safe zone
    Protac SenSit® Nature is a sensory stimulating chair with balls in the seat, back and the special wings. These wings surround the body closely and the deep and dynamic pressure from the balls stimulate the sense of touch and the muscle and joint sense. The weight and pressure of the balls increase body awareness and promote calmness – and have an organising effect on the sensory system and the input from the nature. The chair can provide a safe and recognisable outdoor zone e.g. for those who find it overwhelming to stay outdoors or for those who are not able to go for a walk but enjoy the fresh air. It also provides the possibility to join outdoor activities. We already have good experience using the Protac SenSit® indoor and with Protac SenSit® Nature it is possible to achieve the same calming effect outdoors.

    Practical information
    The cover can easily be zipped off and washed. It can also be cleaned with disinfecting wipes which makes it possible to be used by several users and still respect the hygiene guidelines. The cover of the chair is made in a fabric which is both water and wind resistant. The chair is not resistant to frost.
    When the chair is not in use, we recommend to cover it with the attached rain cover to protect the chair from bird droppings, sun and heavy rain.
    The chair can be used both with and without the puff.

    • The wings of the chair surround the user and have a calming effect
    • Reduces physical and psychological unrest
    • Increases the sense of security and body perception
    • Sensory integration through dynamic and deep touch pressures
    • Facilitates outdoor rehabilitation

    • Item no.: 600-602-3000-35

      HMI no.: 124397

      Size: back 78 cm/seat 38 cm

      Filling: 38/50 mm EVA plastic & polypropylene balls

      Cover: 100% coated polyester

      Delivery time: Normally 10 business days

    Protac production process focuses on environment and safety. The textiles are certified
    The textiles are certified according to Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX®. nr. 1606038 Centexbel.
    Protac plastic balls are Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX® nr. 2076-310 DTI.

    The cover for Protac SenSit® Nature can be washed. The need and frequency of washing depend on the use of the chair. Follow the instructions below when washing and cleaning the chair.

    • The cover can be washed in a washing machine, min. 7 kg, using a detergent without bleach and perfume. See the washing instructions inside the cover.
    • The seat cover can be unzipped and washed separately using a detergent without bleach and perfume. See the washing instructions inside the cover.
    • The ball bags in the neck and side wings can be washed in a washing machine, min.7kg, using the supplied washing bags. Use detergent without bleach and perfume.

    See the washing instructions inside the wings.

    Over time a recess will form in the seat as the granulate at the bottom ‘settle’ through use. It is therefore important to turn the chair upside down once in a while and shake it a little to allow the balls to become evenly distributed again. This will restore the shape of the seat.

    Download user manual

    The chair can be used by both children, adults and elderly. The need for fresh air combined with sensory integration is the same across all age groups.

    Group of children with socio-emotional challenges.
    “The chair quickly created a nice and pleasant zone outside. It was curiously used by all children and they found it comfortable to sit in either alone or with their best friend. Even the most restless and anxious children could relax in the chair and enjoyed being cuddled with the wings around them.”

    Psychiatry: “As a staff member, I see how the chair can help us having meaningful conversations with the patients outside. When seated in the chair, they relax and feel calm. The chair is recognizable for the patients which helps them to feel confident. As staff members, we see that this chair helps the girls to feel at home – more than other outdoor furniture can do.”

    Elderly lady who wants to take part in social relations
    but with a tendency to restlessness and to be overstimulated
    by social activities.
    “Ohh this is nice”, Ingrid says when seated in the chair on the terrace. She brings a magazine and reads concentrated for 45 minutes.
    Afterwards, she goes inside and feels happy and comfortable for the rest of the day. Ever since, she has used the chair with the same positive result.

    Sensory- stimulating aids provide a sense of security and calm to people of all ages.
    We have put together a wide selection of cases, in which our products have helped and eased disorders and diseases.

Protac design, develops and manufactures a variety of unique sensory integration products that serve the need of people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments.


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