• Protac Ball Cushion™ for stools - Big seat - 25 mm balls

    Protac Ball Cushion™ for stools - Big seat - 25 mm balls
    Protac Ball Cushion™ for stools - Big seat - 25 mm balls

    Sense-stimulating seat cushion for those who have difficulty sitting still and concentrating.

    The Protac Ball Cushion™ is a seat cushion filled with plastic balls and is used for children and adults who feel restless. It helps improve body awareness, alleviates uneasiness and hyperactivity and promotes concentration and learning.

    Dynamic sitting posture
    The Protac Ball Cushion™ provides a better, more dynamic posture. When you move around in the seat, the balls inside the cushion will roll around a bit, bringing the body's centre of gravity beyond its base of support. In order to regain your balance, you have to automatically shift your position and sit up straight. Shifting positions trains the muscles around the abdomen, back and lumbar area; this increases muscle tone and straightens your posture which relieves the pressure on your spine. For someone with a very restless body, the cushion can effectively absorb this restlessness since the person will be moving on the cushion constantly.

    Better concentration and learning

    The continuous stimulation from the balls gives the user a more distinct sense of the limits of the body and inner peace. It creates a space for more focus and concentration and better learning. The cushion is also recommended for school children in general, as the children will move around on the cushion which will relieve the pressure on their spines.

    Recommended by specialists
    The Protac Ball Cushion™ has been used with success to assist with balance problems and train muscle tone. The ball cushion is good to use for sensory-motor training, e.g. in a hammock or for extra stimulation when placed under the feet.

    Design, sizes and weight
    The Protac Ball Cushion™ comes in different models and sizes made to fit various types of chairs, ages and sensory needs. Models with large balls (38 mm) have the strongest stimulation, offering the most movement and stimulation at certain points. The small balls (25 mm) offer less movement and stimulation at certain points. Models with small balls have a larger seat surface which is appropriate for users that are small, very thin or SenSitive.
    Some cushions are divided into sections to control the surface movement caused by the balls, making the seat surface more stable. This can benefit users with balance problems.
    All cushions are made with PVC-free, non-slip bottoms.

    The Protac Ball Cushion™ is suitable for both children and adults and can benefit those with balance problems, hyperactivity, learning disabilities and difficulty concentrating, low muscle tone and physical unrest. People with ADHD and those with cerebral palsy may see positive effects from using the cushion.

    • Item no.: 200-202-14-80

      HMI no.: 47465

      Size: 35x35 cm - stool

      Filling: 25mm EVA plastic balls

      Cover: 100% Polyester

      Delivery time: Normally 5 business days

    Sensory- stimulating aids provide a sense of security and calm to people of all ages.
    We have put together a wide selection of cases, in which our products have helped and eased disorders and diseases.

Protac design, develops and manufactures a variety of unique sensory integration products that serve the need of people with physical disabilities and sensory impairments.


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