Protacs Ph.D-projects

Ann N. Nielsen, OT, Cand. San., Industrial Ph.d-student
Title: “Effects of systematic proprioceptive-tactile stimulation with use of the Protac MyFit®”  

• Children with sensory processing difficulties (SPD) can have challenges with sitting still and keeping attention while attending school.
• In 2017 we found that 21% out of 1721 children in Danish primary school had SPD.
• The most common category of SPD is sensory seeking behaviour, i.e. frequent movement, fidgeting etc. This can interfere with children’s ability to participate in activities.

Objective: The primary objective is to determine the effect of the Protac Myfit® vest on the children´s abilities for participating in school activities, and secondary their attention-, concentration- and on-task behavior abilities.

Ann's poster

Sanne Toft Kristiansen, nurse, Master in Clinical Nursing, Industrial Ph.d-student
Title: “The efficacy and appropriateness of ball blankets on insomnia in depression in outpatient clinics”
Aim: “To
investigate the efficacy of Protac Ball Blanket™ on insomnia caused by depression in a randomized controlled design.“

The use of the Protac Ball Blanket™ on patients with insomnia due to depression will:
• Extend the total sleep time and
• Reduce sleep onset latency
• Reduce the number of awakenings
• Wake after sleep onset
• Reduce the need for sedatives
• Improve the quality of sleep
• Reduce the self-reported symptoms of patients with depression

Sannes poster

First published article
In September 2020, Sanne had her first article published. It is a study protocol describing the background and methods in the projects.

You can read the entire article from this link.

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